Acupuncture most commonly involves the insertion of tiny needles into the skin at specific points. As soon as a needle is inserted, a signal is sent to the brain and a cascade of biochemical reactions is stimulated in the body, including the release of endorphins and inflammatory mediators. This results in pain relief, enhanced tissue healing, improved immune function, as well as promoting relaxation. It can be used alone or in conjunction with conventional veterinary medicine to significantly improve general health and well-being, as well as promoting healing from injury or illness. 

Conditions that can benefit from acupuncture include:

  • Pain (eg. From arthritis, injury, and inflammation)

  • Neurological conditions (eg. Intervertebral disc disease, FCE, DM)

  • Immune-mediate conditions (eg. Skin allergies and inflammatory bowel disease)

  • Behavioural problems, such as anxiety

  • Chronic disease 

  • Urinary incontinence 

  • Seizures

While the needles are very small and most animals don’t notice them some animals have become “needle phobic” over the years. For those animals who do not tolerate needles well, we also offer needless acupuncture” where we can use a LASER or infra-red light machine to stimulate the same points where we would normally insert a needle using light energy instead.