Pronounced Ray-key, Reiki was discovered in 1922 in Japan by Mikao Usui. It is a natural vibrational healing modality that engages the body's self-healing. Various hand positions are applied by a light touch of hands or placements just above the body.  

When Reiki is applied, the energy focus is guided rather than the practitioner directing it. The practitioner is simply a channel for which the energy will flow to the recipient's needs, whether they be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual and helps the body to activate its inherent ability to heal itself. It is powerful yet gentle, non-invasive, and not tissue manipulative. 

Benefits of Animal Reiki 
There are many benefits that an animal receives when having Reiki energy healing. Several are:

  • Natural pain relief from arthritis and joint problems

  • Relief of stress whether is it a change in guardianship, home routine, grief from loss of an animal friend or human, or environmental changes

  • Healing not only helps to boost the immune system, but is therapeutic for older pets 

  • Healing also reduces anxiety for those animals who worry or are jealous or upset about a new addition to the home or who suffer from rescue experiences and ill-treatment

  • Healing rebalances an animal's energies and can effectively stimulate the detoxification of the liver and kidneys leaving the pet to feel more at peace, brighter and a greater sense of well-being 

  • Healing is beneficial to those pets who have gone through surgery or a serious illness by promoting the body to initiate the self-healing process. 

  • Reiki is very beneficial to animals who are in the transition stage of life. It can bring incredible peace and comfort. 

Animal Reiki Sessions ​


Animal Reiki is a loving, soothing and natural healing energy which is ideal for cats, dogs, horses and other pets who are who may be stressed because of a home move, family dynamics, loss of a pet friend or a traumatic experience. Reiki pet healing sessions are conducted in the pet's home, always ​with his or her permission and offered with respect. Reiki is initiated first near the pet so he or she will begin to feel comfortable with the practitioner's presence and gentle flow of Reiki energy. Often the dog, cat, horse or pet will seek out the practitioner noticing the comfort the energy provides.

Sometimes the energy is channeled with the practitioner's hands above the animal companion or from a distance. Once trust is established, the practitioner may place their hands with light touch intuitively where they are guided, always mindful of the pet's comfort. So enjoyable, often the pet will ask for more after the session is finished. Animal Reiki is natural, affecting the whole body and beneficial for an animal's physical, mental and emotional well-being. Frequency will depend upon the needs of the pet.  For severe cases, four daily consecutive sessions are recommended.