Hilary's Blend Canine Supplement

HILARY'S BLEND (formerly THE BALANCER) supplement is 100% fit for human consumption. It contains 100% human grade ingredients that were transported by human food trucks, warehoused in human food facilities, and blended and packaged in a government regulated human food facility. Its ingredients are similar in quality to those found in name-brand human multi-vitamins such as Centrum®, One-a-Day® or Flintstone's®. HILARY'S BLEND supplement meets all government requirements for being sold as a human supplement in a grocery or drug store.
  • This supplement should ONLY be used with the recipes in the book: “Complete & Balanced - 101 Healthy Home-made Meals for Dogs” by Hilary Watson.

    This product is filled by weight not volume. Contents may settle. Store at controlled room temperature.



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