Rx Feline Minerals

Rx Feline Minerals

  • Provides macro and micro-mineral supplementation, especially calcium for dogs and cats to help balance home-prepared meals and as a general mineral supplement.
  • The source of the mineral blend in this formula is a 100% natural mineral compound mined from an exclusive source in the western United States.
  • 100% pure and hypoallergenic, not adulterated or flavored in any way.
  • Ingredients: calcium, magnesium, iron, strontium, sodium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, chromium, L-taurine (feline only).
  • 0-5 lbs (0-2.27 kg)

    .5 scoop daily with meals

    6-12 lbs (2.7-5.4 kg)

    1 scoop daily with meals

    13-20 lbs (6-9 kg)

    1.5 scoops daily with meals

    21-27 lbs (9.5-12.2 kg

    2 scoops daily with meals