Dermoscent Pyo Spot On (Dogs)


Purifies and helps maintain or restore the balance of the ecosystem of canine skins. Without any added fragrance, PYOspot® has been tested under veterinary control to ensure a perfect skin tolerance and an irreproachable product quality for your animal.

Option 1
  • Break and separate the snap-off top off the pipette completely by folding it forward and then backward (1), part the coat (2) and empty contents at different spots close to affected areas directly on the skin (3). Do not apply on lesions. For generalised cases, apply at one or two points between the shoulders. Apply one pipette every week over several consecutive months as long time as necessary following your veterinarian’s advice. It is recommended not to bathe the animal during the 2 days before and after the application. No massage required; thanks to its bio-diffusing action, PYOspot® diffuses over animal’s body. Satisfactory results are obtained from a regular and continuous application. No incompatibility with any other « spot-on » product.



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