Aventi CP

AVENTI CP is a powder supplement that when mixed into dog food will aid in the control of coprophagic behaviour. AVENTI CP causes the dog’s feces to taste very unsavory. Ideal for puppies starting at 2-3 months of age. In a multidog household it is recommended all dogs be given this supplement. AVENTI CP is also valuable to help prevent reinfestation during intestinal parasite treatment.
  • Using the small scoop provided add AVENTI CP to the feed in the following daily amounts for at least 15 days:

    Small dogs (0-10kg): 1/2 level scoop - Medium dogs (10-20kg): 1 level scoop - Large dogs (>20kg): 2 level scoops

    Dry kibble can be moistened to allow powder to adhere to kibbles. Usually one 15 day period is sufficient to curtail the behaviour but this can be repeated as required.

    Cautions: Not for continuous long term use.




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