Massage Therapy

Just like humans, cats and dogs can encounter both physical and emotional stress in life that will benefit from massage. This can include things like moving to a new home or other change in their environment, visiting the vet, rough play at the dog park, or simply slipping or falling while going about their daily routine. Geriatric pets benefit from massage to aid in pain management and boost their immune system and massage for healthy athletic pets can aid to keep them limber between events and help relax tight or sore muscles.

Massage for Preventative Care:

Our pets are usually very stoic and it’s not all that easy to tell when they’re in pain until it really hurts. They may simply be reluctant to do an activity that they used to always do, like jump up onto the bed or chase their ball. Massage can be utilized as a preventative step to avoid your pet developing compensatory posture or other chronic conditions.

It can aid in early detection of new lumps or bumps, a new sore, or an area that your dog may reluctant to have touched and you can use this information to alert your veterinarian before it becomes a bigger concern.

Massage for After care:

Because massage can help stimulate an animal’s natural endorphins, stimulate blood flow to aid in healing and stimulate the lymphatic system to help with immune function; massage can help an animal recover after injuries or surgeries and also support an older pet that has age related pain and stiffness.

Also, if your pet has recently experienced change in the household, massage can help them adjust and feel more comfortable with the change.

Maintenance Massage:

Maintenance massage primarily aims to decrease muscular tension. It can help to decrease recovery time between workouts, decrease post-workout discomfort by releasing naturally occurring endorphins, decrease chance of overuse/stress related injuries by lengthening the muscle fibres, stimulate the lymphatic system to help with immune function, and prevents chronic conditions with regular monitoring and early detection.

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